How To Start Gaining Authority In Your Niche


Focus on the content and be consistent!

You want to focus on creating content that relates to your niche and appeals to your intended market. The more content you produce, the better. Make sure to focus on the quality of the content your produce. The most important thing is getting started and making your work available to others so don’t get bogged down by trying to be perfect. Just do your best every time you set out to create. Inevitably over time, your content will improve as your production increases. As you produce more and more content and become known for what you do, people will look to you as a primary source. You will have gained authority in your niche.

The goal for us all is to become synonymous with our industries and niches. Here are some must-dos to get you going:

Start a blog 

Start a blog or a website introducing who you are and what you do. Consistently post content related to your niche on your blog. Producing content frequently and consistently is very important when trying to gain authority in a niche.

youtubeCreate a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the best ways to become an authority figure in your niche. No longer just a place for musical covers and funny videos, YouTube is a legitimate means for gathering information. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. By creating a channel and putting out video content that attracts many subscribers, views, and comments, you’ve gained an audience that becomes your authority in that niche.

Attend conventions and seminars

I know many of conventions and seminars are overpriced, and even if they are free they still try to upsell you on overpriced VIP packages and extensive training sessions. However, some of them give out some useful information. It’s never a bad idea to attend a seminar, take some good notes, and use the acquired information for your own content. No one says you have to be sold. It’s also a great idea to attend high-quality conventions (if you can afford it) to rub shoulders with a few industry leaders. Find out what the top professionals in your niche are doing and use that information to your advantage.


instagram-v051916_200Use Social Media

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for posting selfies. Social media is a top way to market your content. It’s important to share your content across all social media platforms and to comment, like, and share others’ content as well. Doing so will ensure they return the favor when you have something new to post.